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Meriades Rai Interview

Doug Bookey
• Aug 15th, 2009

‘What are the Owls, really?’ The Meriades Rai Interview I first came across Meriades Rai through a link either of Derrick’s or Dino’s LJ. Said link said in a round about way to definitely check out this ‘new’ guy that seemed to have something to say and a rather unique way of saying it. I […]

Steve Crosby Interview

By • Aug 15th, 2009

The Rock, The Steve Crosby Interview Hey all, This next interview is a rather special one for me. Several years ago now, when Russ Anderson first directed me to JLU: 2001, I was a little disappointed I have to admit. It was a great site, w/ some stellar stories, but it was all but dead. […]

Mark “Puff” Anderson Interview

By • Aug 15th, 2009

the BIG ‘Puff Doggy Daddy’ Speak Easy Hello All, Curt here and back again with another interview for your reading pleasure. This outing, get to know the man, the mystery, the Puff Doggy Daddy hisself – Mark Anderson! Mark was just a name on the JLU List to me when I first joined up (and […]

Bertram Gibbs Interview

By • Aug 15th, 2009

The Interview Yo Mama Warned You About… BERTRAM GIBBS! I’m starting these interviews off with Bertram Gibbs for a couple reasons. One: because his was the most requested. Seems everyone wants to know Bertram’s little secrets, dirty or otherwise. Hopefully in the words below, he’ll divulge a few. Second, when I took over JLU: 2001, […]

Caleb Kincaid Interview

By • Aug 15th, 2009

When I was first starting to read Fan Fiction I came across Revolution X and on it I found Uncanny X-Men by Caleb Kincaid, after I had been in the community for a bit Tom Moses who was friends with Caleb at the time asked if I wanted to be introduced, of course I said […]

John Bush Interview

By • Aug 15th, 2009

So here I am with John Bush for A View from the Tree’s first interview. You have heard many great things about John and he has become one of the great new talents in our community so join me as we get to know John a little better. A View From the Trees: So John […]

Tony Thornley Interview

By • Aug 8th, 2009

HEROES: Who Is Tony Thornley? TONY THORNLEY: You know, I never get deep enough to think about that question. I guess, I’m your fairly run of the mill Utah kid. Raised in a small town, devoted Mormon (one wife, don’t make the polygamy joke, I’ve heard them all), recent college grad, all that jazz. I’m […]

Jason MacAskill Interview

By • Aug 8th, 2009

Heroes: Who Is Jason MacAskill? Jason MacAskill: Jason MacAskill is a simple man… Jason MacAskill is a man who refers to himself in third-person when doing interviews… geez. First question out of the box and I have to go all “movie-voice guy”. Um… I’m just a normal guy, as normal as a guy gets writing […]

Tim Denton Interview

By • Aug 8th, 2009

1.) All right, first off–who exactly are you? (Name (or pen name), and whatever usual info you wanna disclose). He’s Tim Jim, actually Timothy James Denton *gag* people around here call him Tj. He can generally be found in a school he despises telling people how boring they are and pretending that he cares about […]

Mick Edwards Interview

By • Aug 8th, 2009

HEROES: Who Is Mick Edwards? MICK EDWARDS: For most of my life I was complicated and conflicted man, but now I’m becoming more self-assured and confident. As a person I am caring, shy, and sometimes dwell on things a tad too much. Right now I work on trying to let things go and move forward. […]