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2011 Editor Roundtable

By • Dec 19th, 2011

Back in October 2010, there was a discussion on the HEROES list, essentially questioning the typical format of fan-fiction sites, including the dibs lists, stagnating or idling titles, and methods of getting rid of writers who may never produce another issue. Curious, I put together a questionnaire for the various editors of fan-fiction websites to […]

Hunter’s Crosshairs: Curb Your Enthusiasm

By • Dec 12th, 2011

I think one of the hardest things to learn as a fan-fiction writer is a lesson that I learned twice over the course of one day: curb your enthusiasm. I’m not saying that in a cynical way, either. I’m not saying to chillax on your books, because let’s face it, you’ve already bitten off way […]

Going Round Robin By Hunter Lambright

By • Mar 11th, 2010

He’s calm, collected, and meticulous in his plans, but his cool exterior hides a heart of gold. He’s learned from the best how to hide his emotions, but doing that as a teenager may be more or less out of the picture. You might have guessed we were talking about Batman at first, but I’m […]

Editorial: Fanfic’s Most Influential People of the Decade

By • Feb 8th, 2010

Yes, this editorial is a little late for all the “best of” lists we saw near the end of 2009. I won’t argue that. Honestly, I wasn’t considering writing anything like this until last week, after having a couple conversations and reading a few posts. It wasn’t even anything about this particular idea. I couldn’t trace it to any one thing, but I got thinking about it…

Nate Charles Interview

By • Sep 24th, 2009

HEROES: Who Is Nate Charles? NATE CHARLES: I’m just a twenty something guy with some stories to tell.  Nothing more, nothing less. H: What’s Your Background? NC: Like many others, I’m a longtime comics fan.  I was introduced to them at around five years old and my dad used to read them to me when I […]

Erik Fromme Interview

By • Aug 30th, 2009

HEROES: Who Is Erik Fromme? ERIK FROMME: I’m a 30yr old guy with tremendously awesome, awe-inspiring sideburns that make all the women hot. I have a wife and daughter that I wish I could do more for and a pained die-hard fan of the Buffalo Sabres. H: What’s Your Background? EF: I’ve pretty much lived […]

Jeff Melton Interview

Doug Bookey
• Aug 23rd, 2009

HEROES: Who Is Jeff Melton?  Who Are You And What Do You Do For A Living? JEFF MELTON: Well, I’m the father of two children. I’m active in my local church, and I write sentencing reports for a three-county judicial district in North Carolina. I try to help people, get people into treatment and address […]

Tony Thornley Interview

By • Aug 8th, 2009

HEROES: Who Is Tony Thornley? TONY THORNLEY: You know, I never get deep enough to think about that question. I guess, I’m your fairly run of the mill Utah kid. Raised in a small town, devoted Mormon (one wife, don’t make the polygamy joke, I’ve heard them all), recent college grad, all that jazz. I’m […]

BENEATH THE MASK: Breaking the Ice By Caleb Kincaid

By • Nov 13th, 2008

I figured I should start this with some kind of analogy, so here goes: Bobby Drake is like a goldfish. He’s low maintenance, and he’s…got a memory that lasts two minutes? That would explain the constant fluctuations in his powers, but no. How about: Bobby Drake is like water. He’s unassuming but has the power […]