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2011 Editor Roundtable
2011 Editor Roundtable

Back in October 2010, there was a discussion on the HEROES list, essentially questioning the typical format of fan-fiction sites, including the dibs lists, stagnating or idling titles, and methods of getting rid of writers who may never produce another issue. Curious, I put together a questionnaire for the various editors of fan-fiction websites to […]



Hunter’s Crosshairs: Bring Out Yer Dead!»

Fan-fiction grants us the ability to change things that have happened in the main universes, or to make cut-offs before things happened that we didn’t like. I know this. I did it, once, when I created the X – M Universe @ The House of Ideas (http://thoin.mergingminds.org/fanfic/default.asp?sec=11), because it led to the deaths of dozens […]


Polarized Reviews #1»

What: Power Pack #1 @ M2K Who: Violet Mackenzie Where: http://m2k.omegacen.com/powerpack/index.html The Positive End: To start with, I am by no means a Power Pack “fan.” I know enough about the Power kids to scrape by, I’ve read my dad’s issues of them in the Mutant Massacre, and I have Julie’s story as documented in […]