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The Loon Review #1

By • Aug 8th, 2009 • Category: Reviews

X-Men #27-29 by Cory Wiegel


THE GOOD: The first scene in issue 27 is absolutely hilarious and I actually really laughed upon reading it. Val Cooper’s contempt for Hank just oozed off of the page and it was a very funny scene. I enjoyed it a lot. I of course love the fact that Sinister is the figurehead of this arc and Cory makes him very threatening without him even really having to lift a finger. His lab being controlled by his mind was such a freakin cool idea to me and makes sense because Essex at his core is a very controlled person and having his lab obey his mental commands fits into that I think. Iceman’s comment about The Chosen was pretty funny and even though it didn’t reference to their current standing at M2K anyone versed in the continuity probably would have made a connection. Anyway by far my favorite X-Men in this arc were Rogue and Storm. They just really stood out this arc for me. Especially Ororo who I know Cory has problems with but none of that came through this arc. He owes me for inspiration points. Just playing. This was all Mr. Wiegel and he did a great job with her.

THE BAD: The fight with the M-Sisters was not as badass as I hoped it would be. Not to say it wasn’t a well-polished fight, but I guess previous conversations I’ve had with Cory made me realize how much potential those girls really had and it kind of disappointed me to not see that potential realized. Also, maybe its just me but the politics of all this President shuffling would seem a lot more complicated to me than it comes off in this arc, but that kinda harks back to Kelly being forced writing wise into the Presidency so I know that lies more with Brad than with Cory.

OVERALL: The Three Jewels need to come back somehow because I really feel they have the potential to be major baddies for the X-Side of M2K. I don’t think they’ve been used to their full extent yet.

Avengers #31-33 by Des Davies


THE GOOD: Vidar’s scenes were by far the best part of this arc. You get a real feel for the character and he’s just like this awesome lumbering force. He takes on Ares and Emperor Britannicus and holds his own. It was definitely impressive and made me proud to be writing The Asgardians over in THOR. I’m a fan of alternate worlds and this one the Avengers had to fight off was a pretty entertaining one. Another impressive feat by Des in this arc was that even though the team didn’t look that powerful at first glance he did a good job of showing why that just wasn’t true.

THE BAD: The first person narrative of Hawkeye kinda threw me off because it just didn’t feel right to me. It seemed to me that it lacked that certain hardassness that Clint seems to have. Also, the vagueness of some of the attacking villains just threw me off. They could have been given some names or something to make that confusion less.

OVERALL: An interesting arc that I particularly enjoyed due to some reference’s to my own series so that gets brownie points in my book.

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