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Words From the Mountain #1

By • Aug 9th, 2009 • Category: Reviews

Authority #1 By Caleb Kincaid

If I heart it once, I could say it another thousand: as for some reason people say it’s harder to write a positive review than a negative one. Argue it if you like, and then ask who has ever disliked anything Ian eventually completes. I have always been pleasantly unsurprised every year or so that Caleb completes an issue, and save some minor problems on my part his first issue (and let’s pester him to get another issue out this year, or possibly even two) is one wild ride.

This issue is nonstop action, and Ian’s particular use of short, choppy; sentences make the prose speed right by. As usual, Caleb’s strong use of dialogue is immediately apparent, each of the characters that show up all have a flair all their own. Then they die.

The sheer amount of death in this story is almost staggering, but so very entertaining. Nonstop action, violence, death, curious titles to scene which make one wonder of Caleb’s sanity and to end it all another violent death to the leader of a very odd sort of pedophile. Moreover, to be perfectly honest, who the hell are the good guys? I recognize the names of some of the infamous Authority members, but beyond that, I’ve no clue who most of these characters are.

Frankly, I don’t give a rat’s ass about many of them, nor their short life spans. I haven’t been this entertained watching death scenes since the first time I saw Final Destination. The fun of this story for me was the speed and all that visual death throughout the entire issue.

Bringing this Kincaid wankfest to a close, go read the first issue at DC Omega then bombard him with emails telling him to write the other three issue’s he’s promised to deliver to Dino. Grapefruit will thank you, and if you’re lucky, Raz might thank you too.

For all the gratuitous violence, death, destruction, and moments that made me wonder things like, “The fuck just happened?” I would give Caleb 9 out of 10 if I had a competent rating system.

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