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Dino Pollard Interview

By • Aug 15th, 2009 • Category: Interviews

Omega and Alpha – The Dino Pollard Interview!

Hey all, Time for the next Interview, and if anyone could hope to follow in the footsteps of Bertram Gibbs (in the last interview), that man is Dino Pollard. I forget how Dino and I first linked up. It was either through Ryan Krupienski’s Ultimate Marvel Site, or their Marvel Omega where I submitted my ideas for Fantastic Four. Wherever, I soon learned that Dino was as talented as he is informed and educated on many levels. It’s rare that you meet someone so well-rounded, and on top of all that, a helluva cool guy. Here’s the Interview. Number 2 in a series. Collect ‘em all!

To start, tell us a bit about yourself; family, job, things like that. Whatever you would like to comfortably share.

I just turned 23 this past August and in December, I’ll graduate from Northeastern Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree in English and mass media. As far as job goes, I work weekends in an administrative position at a real estate office. I’m also the entertainment editor for my college newspaper and I have my own column in it — and I’m paid for both of those. In addition, I do some additional editing on the side — I’m listed under my penname, Percival Constantine, as the editor on FRATER MINE and assistant editor on HAVEN, two independent comic books. I also hope to have my novel, FALLEN, published sometime within the next year.

What sites are you currently writing for? And Editing – you manage the Omega Sites; Marvel and DC. Tell us how those are going…

The Omega sites are going pretty well. Although I’d like to see more titles at DC Omega, I understand these things take time — I think part of Marvel Omega’s success was the crash of Digitally Mystic. With the launch of DC Infinity, plus JLU: 2001, DC Omega has some really stiff competition. But we’re coming along. Other than writing for both those sites, I also write for JLU, Altered Visions, and I’ll soon be writing for Strange Tales and 2099 Underground Revised.

What Titles are you working on these days?

I probably have the largest workload I’ve ever had these days. At Marvel Omega, I’m writing HEROES FOR HIRE, NEW WARRIORS, ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, ULTIMATE X-MEN, and I co-write AVENGERS with Derrick Ferguson. At DC Omega, I’m currently writing SUPERMAN and FALLEN and will soon be writing ZAURIEL. I also co-write WILDCATS with Chris Munn and will soon co-write OUTSIDERS with Mike Rasbury and SUPERMAN/BATMAN with Steve Crosby. At JLU I write NIGHTWING. At Altered Visions I write WOLVERINE. And soon I’ll write BLADE at Strange Tales and THE PUNISHER 2099 limited series at 2099 Underground Revised. I’m also going to bring my SCARLET SPIDER series from the now-defunct MV1 over to Avengers 2000.

Do you write for any Sites outside of Fanfic, or our group of Fanfic Sites, i.e. other types of Fanfic, Writing Clubs, etc.?

Actually yes. Because I apparently don’t have enough things to do, I also write a FINAL FANTASY VII Fanfic over at IcyBrian’s RPG Fanfic Library (http://icybrian.com/fanfiction/viewuser.php?uid=132), which takes place five years after the events of the video game. As I mentioned earlier, I also write for my student newspaper. And I do writing on my own — I have one novel under my belt with a second novel in progress. I’ve written several comic scripts, and I’m hoping Brad Horton will be able to get the artwork finished soon so we can shop it around to publishers. I’ve also written film scripts and I’ve made one foray into the world of directing, and soon I’ll make a second one.

Would you like to write professionally, or is this just for fun- a hobby?

I would love to write professionally. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been very passionate about writing. I can think of no better profession for me and I’m going through the effort to get my work published.

How did you get into writing Fanfic? Through comic books, or some other media?

Despite my very active role in comic Fanfic, I got my start through video game Fanfic. When I was 15, I wrote a horrible, thirty-chapter “opus” which rewrote the storyline of FINAL FANTASY VII. It’s posted at the IcyBrian link I put above for those who are interested — but I’d advise people to avoid it like the plague. I stumbled upon the HEROES community while on a message board. Someone mentioned the Marvel-X group and included a link to it. I followed the link and I was intrigued right from the start. Through MX, I found MV1, the HEROES community, etc. I wanted to get involved and seeing that Bishop had no role at MX, I proposed a series featuring him. I never got a response, so instead I got together a bunch of my friends from various message board communities and launched Marvel 2000. Ironically enough, no one at MX ever used Bishop until Ryan asked me to come onboard as the writer of X-MEN. So I brought him back into the group with my first solo story-arc. And then MX evolved into Marvel Omega. It’s a bit karmic, I guess.

We assume that you enjoy the writing and Fanfic, but are there things you would like to see done differently or changed in Fanfic?

I’m not sure. I think Fanfic is actually at a really good place right now. I’m seeing a lot less infighting and a lot more community feel. Plus, we’ve got a lot of great stuff coming out. Derrick Ferguson is now the top dog at Avengers 2000 and that should make for a lot of good things to come out of that site. You’ve got Strange Tales back in a big way. DC Infinity has really come out of the gates running with a lot of the “new crop” of writers. Both Marvel and DC Anthology have returned. And there are other new sites, like the X-M site over at uncannyxmen.net. My main problems with the Fanfiction community are pretty much the problems that have always existed. First off, I’d like to see more new writers come in. And second, I’d like to see some current writers to be a bit more productive. But these are things that are pretty much the nature of the beast — particularly the last one.

What other things do you do in your spare time? Any special hobbies or interests you care to share?

Aside from writing, I read a lot. I also watch a lot of movies and I’ve really gotten into Eastern spirituality, so I’m studying that as well. Other than that, I spend time with friends, smoke hookah, play poker, hit the bars — the usual.

Is there any certain Title that you would like to write down the line, or any specific Site that you might want to write for?

I’m at an interesting point in my Fanfic “career” because I’ve written just about every one of my dream titles. There are a few that still strike my interest, though. DEFENDERS is one that keeps popping up in my thoughts. So are HELLBLAZER, DOOM PATROL, and CAPTAIN AMERICA. I also have this unexplainable desire to write FANTASTIC FOUR at some point — probably because I want to see if there’s a way I can make them work for me.

Outside of Fanfic, what are your reading habits? Who’s your favorite author or series, or book? I know you’ve read a few of the classics. Do they influence you?

My outside reading definitely influences my work. I’m a huge fan of Kurt Vonnegut, I’d say he’s probably my favorite writer, bar none. Especially BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS. I’m also big on Chuck Palahniuk, who I see as Vonnegut’s successor as far as satire goes — FIGHT CLUB is one of my favorite books of all time. Mark Z. Danielewski’s HOUSE OF LEAVES was a brilliant existential trip and then there’s the beautiful mindfuck that is William S. Burroughs’ NAKED LUNCH. I could actually keep going on and on about this, so I’ll just stop now.

How about in comics- do you have a favorite Title, author or artist?

I’ve actually gotten away from reading comics. I don’t think I’ve been to my local comic shop since the spring. My favorite writers though are Grant Morrison, Joe Casey, and, of course, Alan Moore.

What’s your favorite comic book story, or storyline? How about in Fanfic?

Grant Morrison’s entire run on THE INVISIBLES as well as his run on NEW X-MEN. Also of note is Joe Casey’s work on WILDCATS (both volumes) and DEATHLOK. Plus Alan Moore’s V FOR VENDETTA and WATCHMEN, particularly WATCHMEN because of how much it revolutionized the way comics are written. As far as Fanfic goes… that’s a tough one. Chris Munn’s “The Day The World Went Away” story-arc in GENERATION X 2.0 at MO and Ryan Krupienski’s “Past Tense” story-arc in UNCANNY X-MEN are both up there. But I think one of the best things I’ve read, either in Fanfic or comics, is Meriades Rai’s brilliant eight-issue run on BATMAN over at DCO.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Everywhere. I get inspiration from books I read, movies I watch. I get it from real world events, my personal experience, my spirituality, etc. Something as small as a conversation I have with a random person can give me an idea. A better question would probably be where don’t I get my inspiration.

What are your writing habits? Do you write every day, many hours, once a week, or what?

It usually depends on when the mood strikes me. When I’m at work on the weekends, I do a lot of writing there. I also do a lot at my home computer. I try to write during most days of the week, though.

Do you have a Blog or LJ? Any other Internet activity you would like to share? Share links…

Yeah, I have two blogs. I have one for Fanfic exploits (http://pollards-picks.livejournal.com) and one for my personal life (http://dinopollard.livejournal.com).

What book are you reading now?

I’m reading a few, actually. For class I’m reading CORALINE by Neil Gaiman. On my own I’m reading THE SPIRITUAL PATH: BUDDHA, ZEN, TAO, TANTRA by Osho and I’ve just started GOD BLESS YOU MR. ROSEWATER by Kurt Vonnegut. I also have some other books waiting to be read — HAUNTED by Chuck Palahniuk, A HEARTBREAKING WORK OF STAGGERING GENIUS by Dave Eggers and NEVER LET ME GO by Kazuo Ishiguro.

What’s your favorite reading genre? Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Fiction, Horror…

I’m a big fan of literature and satire, but sci-fi and horror have their appeal as well.

What Title/ Site was your first in Fanfic?

Not counting my FF7 work, that would be X-MEN at Marvel 2000.

Any upcoming events in your life you’d like to share: births, marriage, graduating college, etc.?

Graduating college in December and can’t wait. And hopefully next year, I’ll experience a change in scenery and move to the Land of the Rising Sun. As far as birth and marriage go, neither one is on the horizon for me — but some of my friends are getting married soon, some are already married, and some are expecting kids. Makes me feel like an old man. And, as I mentioned, my novel will hopefully see publication in the very near future.

Any dream assignments in Fanfic that you would love to tackle like a massive crossover or reinventing a character?

Over at MO, we’re in the early planning stages of a massive crossover. But I’ve said too much already…

What’s your favorite Title to read currently in Fanfic?

Chris Munn’s X-MEN at MO.

What are your plans for the future – Fanfic or otherwise?

After I graduate college, I plan on substitute teaching in the Chicagoland area for eight or nine months. After that I hope to move to Japan where I’ll teach ESL. Also there’s the matter of my novel. I’ll be sticking around Fanfic for awhile, though. Unless, of course, I get a job at one of the big two comic companies.

Feel free to plug here, and write a closing. Add in anything you like.

I’m going to plug an upcoming story-arc, which begins in HEROES FOR HIRE #5. Luke Cage and Danny Rand are hired to oversee the transport of a special chest, but they’ll run into problems from some black-garbed, sword-wielding thieves and an obscure Marvel villain will turn up as well. All that, plus Howard the Duck joins the book’s cast in a storyline I could only call “Ninjas on a Train!” — only at Marvel Omega. And then following the “Phoenix Rising” story-arc running through ULTIMATE X-MEN, volume two of the title will go out with a bang when Fury calls out the Ultimates to take on the X-Men in “Clash of the Titans” — again, only at MO.

Thanks Dino.

is a 32 year old happily married man who loves comics and the characters associated with them so much he writers Fan Fiction based on them. Currently He is the Editor in Chief of Altered Visions, Marvel Reborn, and Ultimate DC.
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