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Brent Lambert Interview

By • Aug 15th, 2009 • Category: Interviews

Carnaj2 Presents: Brent Lambert!

Hey all, Here is Interview #4. A little late this week, but well worth the wait as I interview Brent Lambert; scribe extraordinaire and all around good guy. Aside from seeing his name almost everywhere in Fanfic, I first had dealings with Brent over at M2K, where he was running his ‘Brent Lambert Presents’ series. Well, I double-dog dared him to send me his best – or his worst as the case may be – and challenge me he did! It was GREAT fun, and just keeps going. Read now, and learn a little about Brent…

To start, tell us a bit about yourself; family, job, things like that. Whatever you would like to comfortably share.

Well I’m 20 years old. I’ll be 21 in about a month here so I’ll be clubbing in da ATL lol. My current job is a CSR (Customer Service Rep) for a third party credit card activation company known as Total Systems. I work the third shift there from 10PM to 7AM Monday thru Friday. So I get my weekends off at least lol. Right now I’m attending Columbus State University in Columbus, GA. My degree is Secondary Education and once I graduate I want to become a high school English teacher. The pay may not be great, but damn I love the vacations. I am the oldest of three kids. I have a younger sister who’s 18 so I’m having to show her the ropes of college. My little brother is 16 years of age and he’s a complete clone of my father. So I expect him to be heading off to the Army as soon as he hits 18 lol. My father was in the Army from the day I was born until after I graduated from high school. So I am the true definition of a military brat lol. I have lived in Louisiana, Texas, Alaska, Georgia, Hawaii, Tennessee, and the country of Panama. And I really don’t even want to try and list all the places I’ve visited. I have been blessed and cursed in that regard though. I’ve been able to see more places in my short lifetime than a lot of people EVER get to see. With that said though don’t ever let anyone fool you into thinking being a military brat is easy. You never stay in one place for more than a couple of years and forming any kind of lasting friendship is hard. You would think I would have clammed up but I just kept building myself up only get to get smacked back down to square one when we moved again. But we’ve been here in Georgia for almost seven years now so I can happily say I actually have some friends I can really consider to be good friends for the first time in my life. Yea kinda sad it took that long, but hey it comes with the territory. Though I’ve lived in Georgia for a while a lot of me is really in Louisiana, where I was born. Louisiana is really different from most places in the US. I honestly haven’t been there in a lil bit and that’s because my heart breaks going down there. The government has really screwed over people down there and it makes me particularly angry cuz it’s personal for me. The damn insurance company won’t pay to fix my grandma’s house even though it was moved off the foundation! Yea, anyway before I rant on that… Umm what else can I tell ya? Something so obvious I never really think to say it. I’m black (well as black as someone from Louisiana can be). I remember when Russ Anderson found out I was black. I can’t remember exactly what he said but I was rolling for a good minute. Well, I’m Catholic, but please oh please don’t jump to any conclusions on that lol. Anyway I’m the Director of Youth Ministries for my church so that takes up a whole mess of my time. Gotta plan events, raise money, and the like. And after all that I’m pretty sure you guys are wondering how the hell I have time to write Fanfic cuz now I’m asking myself that lol.

What Sites are you currently writing for?

If I miss out on any please forgive me EiCs lol. Well, first and foremost I write at M2K. It’s the site that I hold dear to my heart. I also write at Avengers 2000, Marvel Omega (founding member status there baby!), DC Omega (Steve put away the knife man!), Altered Visions, Grapefruit (ask Raz all about it), and JLU2001 (and yea I know I’m a rotten bastard for having not put out MM in so long).

What Titles are you working on? Tell us a bit about Thor, and your run on the Avengers, and of course Martian Manhunter.

Let’s see. Titles I’m working on huh? Well, I guess I’ll just list them for convience’s sake. THOR- Avengers 2000 X-MEN- Avengers 2000 EXILES- Pendragons AVENGERS- Marvel 2000 FALLEN ANGELS- Marvel 2000 STORM- Marvel 2000 (upcoming) X-CORPS- Marvel Omega X-FACTOR- Marvel Omega MAGNETO- Altered Visions JSA- DC Omega MARTIAN MANHUNTER- JLU2001 And man….you know I never realized how much I was writing until I actually sat down and put it on paper. Sheesh! Okay anyway moving on… THOR is actually one title in Fanfic I can truly look back on and feel some pride in reading it. Most of my stuff I cringe at and never want to look at again. I still do some cringing on THOR, but I still like a lot of what I wrote. Just a lil backstory on THOR. It kinda came at a time when I wanted to branch off from M2K and Derrick Ferguson directed me to the way of Gary D. and vouched for the me the entire time. A tremendous favor on his part because he was putting his ass on the line in the hopes I could do something reasonably cool for Avengers 2000. Needless to say I felt the pressure, but looking back on that first arc I think I did fairly well. I got a couple of reviews outta Will Short for cryin out loud! Now ironically enough I have Derrick as my EIC beginning this second phase of my THOR run. I knew Derrick had some concerns with my first story and I did take those considerations to heart but making this second phase so to speak a more traditional mythological kinda story. It’ll be a lot more focused on the myriad gods and goddesses of the universe and not just Earth. I mean look how many different religions that we have had on this planet. Do you really think the Kree, Shi’ar and Skrull didn’t have just as many in their formative years? Anyway look for Thor to start taking charge of Asgard and running things a bit differently than his father had. AVENGERS is actually a kind of a chance at redemption for me. This second run is my way of kinda proving to myself that I’ve improved from my first run and I’m capable of better. I was surprised at the good response I got from my first arc of the title. Red Skull will be making a return at some point too. But I definitely plan on making issue 50 a big party for the title. Not entirely sure how yet, but I’m working on it lol. This will actually be my third 50th issue in Fanfic so I’ve kinda had some practice with doing these kinds of things lol. MARTIAN MANHUNTER is without a doubt the single most difficult title I’ve ever written in Fanfic, but I knew it would be and that’s why I took it on. I’ve slacked off on it big time and have gotten distracted by other things. I want to get back into though and one of my main goals with that title is to give J’onn a Rogues Gallery all of his own. I’ve got some neat ideas lined up that should present arguably the JLA’s most powerful member with a challenge.

Do you write for any Sites outside of Fanfic, or our group of Fanfic Sites, i.e. other types of Fanfic, Writing Clubs, etc.?

Well, I was writing THE CRUEL ENTOURAGE at Meri’s Castavel site. Meri was a tremendously great editor there and in one editing of my first chapter I learned a whole lot from him. He’s a great guy. Now that title is moving to Raz’s Grapfruit though and I KNOW that’s going to be a wholly unique experience. Raz and I may not always be on the exact same page, but I think getting the chance to work with him on a site like this is simply one of those opportunities you can’t pass up. I don’t really write at writing clubs or anything like that. I do have original stories I am working on though along with my Fanfic. So basically, I’m writing whenever I can squeeze in even the smallest amount of time.

Would you like to write professionally, or is this just for fun- a hobby?

To be perfectly honest….HELL YES I would love to write professionally. Of course I have a major problem and it’s that I never think my stuff is good enough. I’m always seeing someone like Raz or Meri and thinking to myself “man if that’s your competition you’re screwed”. My lil bro kinda smacked me upside the head the other day though and was like “you should at least try. if you don’t you’re going to feel like a jackass for the rest of your life.” Which is entirely true so hell I’m going to try and give it a shot for real one of these days.

How did you get into writing Fanfic? Through comic books, or some other media?

When I lived in Panama it was hot all damn year long. It was either humid hot or dry hot, but it was hot lol. During the dry season there were a lot of grass fires so kids kinda had to stay inside. So I surfed the internet. 12 years old now and I happened to stumble across MV1. Man I sucked them stories up like candy. The first day I came across it I was on the computer for about six hours when normally I would have been outside (even though I wasn’t suppose to be) shooting b-ball. So yea that kinda locked me into Fanfic. My first website where I actually wrote Fanfic wasn’t until two years later. It was a site called Marvel: World of Tomorrow set in the year 2020. I wrote a futuristic X-Force. Those days were fun.

How did you find our Fanfic community? What led you here?

After Marvel:WoT went belly up I frequented the AOL Marvel Comics messageboards a lot. Dino Pollard also happened to post on there a lot. We butted heads on topics (still do lol), but we generally got along okay. I saw he had a Fanfic website so I hit him up in the hopes of writing something X. Instead though I ended up with Fantastic Four, enjoyed the hell out of myself, and the rest is history.

We assume that you enjoy the writing and Fanfic, but are there things you would like to see done differently or changed in Fanfic?

Honestly, I’m generally happy with Fanfic at the moment. I would like people adding more to the sandbox in their respective universes rather than killing off characters, but that’s just a personal preference. It really isn’t even that big of an issue. So yea I’m pretty much happy with Fanfic right now.

Is there any certain Title that you would like to write down the line, or any specific Site that you might want to write for?

Believe it or not I’ve been dying to do an ELEKTRA solo for years, but just haven’t found anyone willing to take it on yet lol. I also would love to someone get another chance to do NIGHTSTALKERS again. Ever since that title abruptly ended I’ve been having an itch to do something horror related.

What’s your favorite color?

Blue without a doubt.

Outside of Fanfic, what are your reading habits? Who’s your favorite author or series, or book?

Well, I just got done reading the latest STAR WARS novel where Jacen Solo is starting to go all Darth Vader on everyone. I just finished reading BLUE GIRL by Charles deLint and THE ROPEMAKER by Peter Dickinson. Both were Young Adult novels. Fairly easy, but pretty entertaining. As for my favorite authors I have a list of them, but not too long tho. In no particular order; Roald Dahl, C.S. Lewis, C.S. Friedman, David Gemmell, Ray Bradbury, Zora Neale Hurston, Alice Walker, and Maya Angelou. I’m sure there’s more but I’m working off three hours of sleep at the moment.

How about in comics- do you have a favorite Title, author or artist?

The smart ass answer would be any writer that takes the time to actually pay attention to continuity! But actually some of my favorite writers are Kurt Busiek, Geoff Johns, Mark Waid, Peter David, and I’m really this Mike Carey guy on X-Men. Brian K. Vaughn is pretty neat too. As for my favorite artists I really like Chris Bachalo, Salavador Larocca, Carlos Pacheos, Tom Raney, and George Perez.

What’s your favorite comic book story, or storyline? How about in Fanfic?

Ahh that’s a toughie. My favorite comic book story has to be ONSLAUGHT and I’ll quickly explain why because looking back on it now it was an okay story at best lol. But the reason I love it is because when I was reading it I was in the fourth grade and nothing could have been cooler back then. And every time I re-read an issue of that story I get that same nostalgic feeling all over again and I’m back to loving comics like a lil kid. As for Fanfic arcs I can narrow it down to two. Russ’ last arc on Fallen Angels and Derrick’s Wanda story in Avengers. As for Fanfic story that title goes to ALL GOD’S CHILDREN easily.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I know this is the cliche answer, but everywhere lol. I mean I can be ordering some chicken teriyaki and I get an idea. I could be sitting in a boring ass class and spring an idea. I talk a whole lot when I get comfortable, but I’m also an observant person. So I draw from both of those aspects of myself.

What are your writing habits? Do you write every day, many hours, once a week, or what?

Everyday man. Even if it’s a paragraph because I’m getting some writing done. And that’s what counts to me.

Do you have a Blog or LJ? Any other Internet activity you would like to share? Now’s your chance to plug!

Yes I have an LJ that I’m terrible at updating lol, but my name on LJ is Sinister_Minds8. Why? Because Mr. Sinister is my ALL-TIME FAVORITE comic character! Bow to Sinister. He is life. That’s my plug.

Do you like to listen to music as you write? If so, what and which, or some other background noise, like the television or DVD’s? Or maybe you prefer silence when writing?

Yea I like to listen to music as I write. I try to keep the music to the mood of what I’m writing. Like when I’m doing a battle scene I frequently listen to the battle music from Episode 3 of Star Wars when Obi-Wan and Anakin get into it. I usually get emotionally drained like that though so I don’t do it all the time.

What book are you reading now? What comic?

Looking for a book to read right now, but I’ll find one soon. As for comics I’m reading well I got a subscription to Ultimate X-Men so that’s kinda what I’m reading the most of at the moment. Robert Kirkman isn’t disappointing though so I can’t complain. I pick random other titles here and there. Not reading Civil War. Just SO against the characterizations of these guys.

What’s your favorite reading genre?

Science fiction and fantasy are tied on that one.

How long have you been writing stories- Fanfic or otherwise?

Since about the sixth grade. My English teacher gave me the notation that I was actually good at writing lol. Blame it all on her!

What Title/ Site was your first in Fanfic?

X-Force at Marvel: World of Tomorrow. I wrote a 30 something Meltdown, Blink and a 50 something Domino there. I had plans to break Cali away from the States and have the villains take over but that didn’t pan out.

Any upcoming events in your life you’d like to share: births, marriage, graduating college, etc.?

21st Birthday on October 6th. Drunkenness begins on the 7th. So if anyone gets crazy IMs forgive me :)

Where about do you live? Be as specific as you like or as vague: town, state, time zone, continent, etc.

Columbus, Ga. East Coast all day long!

Any dream assignments in Fanfic that you would love to tackle like a massive crossover or reinventing a character?

I have been dying to get involved with or create a site along the lines of Age of Onslaught. That site was just so frickin’ cool to me and I’d really like to do something akin to it. I was thinking a Doom ruling the world type of thing. Alas, it’ll probably never go down.

What’s your favorite Title to read currently in Fanfic? Any you care to recommend?

I really enjoy anything Chris Munn writes. So if his name is on it then read it for crying out loud. Or I’ll have Ingram unleash his ninja monkeys. Anything by Steve Crosby is also a must read as well.

Give us a few final words of wisdom in closing. Advice, or simply say a ‘Hello’ to anyone you care to. Say goodnight Gracie…

Last words huh? Well, I think I’ve done way more than my fair share of talking. If you’ve made this far in the interview you’re a saint and I’ll buy you a box of cookie dough. But I guess a lil more talking couldn’t hurt. If I could offer anything I would consider advice it would be this. Don’t waste time. I know that sounds a bit corporate America-ish, but when I say that I don’t mean kill yourself by planning out every second. What I mean is never ever be somewhere saying to yourself “I’m wasting my time”. Try to make every single moment count cuz you’ll never know when it’ll be your last. Even if you’re spending some of your time just pointing out clouds in the sky it’s not a waste as long as you feel like it isn’t. That came across a bit weird, but I hope folks got what I was saying. Anyway much love Curt for letting me talk my ass off!

Thanks Brent.

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