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By • Aug 15th, 2009 • Category: Interviews

Simply Marvelous: 2000 – the Cory Wiegel Interview!

I first heard of Cory Wiegel from Chris Munn when he and I were doing the Avengers/JLA Cross-over that ran between JLU: 2001 (Where I edit), and Marvel: 2000, which Cory just took over the reins of EIC back then from, coincidentally, Chris. There was a bit of friction then, between Cory and I, mainly due to miscommunication and my overreaction. Thankfully the hatchet was buried long ago, because I have since learned that Cory is a good guy and doing a helluva job on probably the hardest Site to control this side of the late MV-1. There have been a couple opportunities to work with Cory since, though they did not pan out in the end. Hopefully, one day, but for now read what makes the man behind Marvel: 2000 tick!

To start, tell us a bit about yourself; family, job, things like that. Whatever you would like to comfortably share.

Currently, I hold an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Woodland Community College, but after I finish up my transfer requirements I’ll be heading over to California State University, Sacramento in order to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree. After that it may very well be law school for me. As for the work I do, I’ve worked at a Quik Stop convenience store for about three years, and before anyone asks I’ll say yes, it’s exactly like in Clerks. The only difference is that the store is owned and operated by Indians (with the exception of me), so the clash of cultures and social norms definitely adds to the day to day hilarity. Oh, and since she always complains that I never introduce her to my friends or drop her name in conversation, I’ve been dating my girlfriend Arielle, whom I love very much, for almost a year and a half now. She’s a Photography major who loves bizarre pieces of art, such as fetuses in jars and butt impressions using paint. A few writers in Fanfic have wondered what type of woman would love a bizarre guy like me; now they have their answer.

What Sites are you currently writing for? We all know you’re the EIC at M2K (Marvel 2000), so DO tell us how that’s going, and give us an update, i.e. what’s happening, what’s in the future? Bare your soul, in other words…

I’m only writing for Marvel 2000 at the moment, but I’m hoping to change that soon. In the past, I’ve written for such sites as Marvel: Revolution, My Marvel, and Marvel Underground, all of which unfortunately went belly-up in a relatively short amount of time. I’m hoping to try my hand at a DC site in the future, preferably on a Robin or Nightwing.

Well, you know you’re welcome at JLU: 2001 (free plug!)

As for what’s going down in M2K’s part of town, there’s actually too much to list! Bowie Sessions, David Golightly, and myself along with a few others are putting together a Holiday Special (which is still accepting submissions) set to release sometime in late December. It won’t be for just Christmas related stories, by the by, but for every holiday associated with the winter season. Then launching in January we have a limited anthology title for the site’s Alternate Branch entitled, “AMALGAM REVISITED,” which will bolster one-shots starring characters from the Amalgam Universe written by Meriades Rai, Tony Thornley, Barry Reese, and numerous others. Also, I feel that the upcoming “KANG/ULTRON WAR” crossover headed up by Chris Munn, Steve Crosby, Jeff Melton, and the other Avengers writers is definitely worth mentioning. We’re hoping to see that kick off towards the summer of 2007, but nothing’s set in stone at the moment.

Do you write for any Sites outside of Fanfic, or our group of Fanfic Sites, i.e. other types of Fanfic, Writing Clubs, etc.?

I’m ashamed to say no. I’ve always wanted to write my own original fiction, but I’ve rarely had the time or opportunity to try my hand at it. Fan fiction is my only venture into writing, and the more I think about it the more I realize it’s a little embarrassing as a writer to always be playing with others’ creations and not my own.

How did you get into writing Fanfic? Through comic books, or some other media?

As a kid, I was into a lot of the Marvel and DC cartoons, specifically the Batman, Spider-Man, and X-Men shows. That led me to reading their respective comic books, which led me into other titles, and then when the proliferation of the Internet hit, I found my way onto a few comic book related message boards. This brings us to…

How did you find our Fanfic community? What led you here initially?

Sometime back in 1999, Dino Pollard was recruiting for a Fanfic site that he was getting ready to launch – Marvel 2000 – on a message board the two of us frequented. We were buds and he knew of my love for Spider-Man, and so the rest is history.

We assume that you enjoy the writing and Fanfic, but are there things you would like to see done differently or changed in Fanfic?

Oh, damn. I know I’m going to sound like a bit of a hypocrite, but. Sometime between age 18 and present, I leaned back and took stock of my life, including the There are people in Fanfic who are in their late twenties, mid thirties, and even early forties.

What other things do you do in your spare time? Any special hobbies or interests you care to share?

As funny as it sounds for those who know me, I’ve kind of become a workaholic as of late. I wake up, eat breakfast, go to the gym for a couple of hours, do homework, go to class, eat lunch, go to work, come home and do more homework, and go to bed. The few spare hours scattered here and there throughout the day are typically spent drinking with friends, lovin’ on the girlfriend, and/or tinkering with Fanfic (writing, editing, webmasterin’ it up, and just general chatting). However, I do manage to work in going to the movies and going to the shooting range every week or so, and there’s always the occasional reading (comics, Fanfic, and of course actual books).

Is there any certain Title that you would like to write down the line, or any specific Site that you might want to write for?

Though I’m not very familiar with the DC universe, I really do want to hop on a DC series and try my hand at writing for a DC site sometime. JLU 2001 and DC Infinity are the big name sites today, and I specifically have my eyes on titles like Nightwing, Robin, Green Lantern, and The Flash, all which I think would be a lot of fun.

Outside of Fanfic, what are your reading habits? Who’s your favorite author or series, or book?

To be honest, I haven’t sat down and read for my own pleasure since the Da Vinci Code (which was quite a while ago). I get my reading fix through this Twentieth Century Multicultural Literature class I’m taking, and so there’s a good variety of books, authors, and genres involved. However, I have taken an interest in Linda Brent (“Incidents In The Life Of A Slave Girl”), Louise Erdrich (“The Bingo Palace”), Lorraine Hansberry (“A Raisin In The Sun”), and a number of other authors and stories covered in this class.

How about in comics- do you have a favorite Title, author or artist?

My two favorite currently ongoing titles are “Y: The Last Man” and “100 Bullets,” in that order, but – late as always – I’m also checking out the back trades of Preacher, which totally surpasses both titles. When it comes to comic authors, Garth Ennis and Warren Ellis always have my attention, but recently I’ve become interested in this Mike Carey guy’s work, specifically Lucifer and X-Men. And I know I’m going to get lynched the moment I say this, what with the mad hate for the ’90s era of comic books, but I’ve always really liked Joe Madureira’s art, as well as Jim Lee’s.

What’s your favorite comic book story, or storyline? How about in Fanfic?

In mainstream comics, I can’t get enough of “Preacher.” That counts as a story, right? Considering it’s completed? I haven’t read all of the trades yet, but these first four have been awesome. I really have to thank Logan Polk for pointing this series out to me as it is some of the best stuff in comicdom I’ve read ever. As for fan fiction, X-Corp by Brad Horton at Marvel 2000 (as I’ve said elsewhere in this interview) is definitely my favorite title out there. The story’s just about up, but it’s been an awesome ride so far.

What’s your favorite movie?

I go through phases where I love different movies. Right now, I’m really diggin’ The Departed, but in recent months I’ve also fallen in love all over again with American Beauty and Ghostbusters. Pretty diverse three movies, but that’s just how my interests are. I also have a feeling that Casino Royale is going to be my new favorite, but we’ll see.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I like to think that a lot of the characterizations and synergy, as well as personal and lifelong themes that I explore in my writing are influenced by real life in general. The people I meet and know, what I see and experience, the things that happen in my life and happen to me specifically, those largely play a role in how I write and what I write… Well, with the exception of action scenes. Those come largely from action movies!

What are your writing habits? Do you write every day, many hours, once a week, or what? I know running a site takes time. How do you balance your schedule?

Seeing as how things have gotten so busy in my life, I usually try to be a very gradual writer. I’ll spend about a week on one issue, with one day plotting it out and every day after that writing about two or three pages a day. Though I’m only technical writing one title right now, I’ve also tackled plotting, scripting, and general wrap-up duties for a few other titles at M2K, and I have a few things on the side (such as a Spider-Boy story for Amalgam Revisited and an Iceman story for M2K’s 2006 Holiday Special). So, I average about an issue a month, sometimes two, and likewise I work on the site’s updates gradually. Read and edit an issue one day, HTML it and post it the next, move on to the next issue on the third day, etc. It’s a nice way of making sure I have a little bit of everything going on in my life, but also keeping it all under control.

Do you have a Blog or LJ? Any other Internet activity you would like to share?

Everyone can find my MySpace at. www.myspace.com/colove And my LiveJournal at. www.evil_snowman.livejournal.com Aside from those links, I’d also like to take this opportunity to pimp out Marvel 2000′s message board, which can be found at. http://corywiegel.proboards91.com/ Where a lot of great conversation goes in regards to… well, just about anything comic book and Fanfic related.

Do you like to listen to music as you write? If so, what and which, or some other background noise, like the television or DVD’s? Or maybe you prefer silence when writing?

I can’t stand to have television or DVD’s playing while I write as they’re such a huge distraction, but I love listening to music while I write, particularly rock. I like a lot of high energy stuff and I jump around a lot from more modern bands, like Disturbed and System Of A Down, to ’90s punk rock and grunge like The Offspring and Rage Against The Machine, and down to the ’80s Ozzy Osbourne and Guns ‘N Roses. I like to keep things fast paced and exciting in my writing, and I a lot of times when I put on slower, mellower, and/or more dramatic songs it can really kill my inspiration and mood to write.

What book are you reading now?

“The Bingo Palace,” by Louise Erdrich. It’s definitely filled with some very engaging characterization and beautiful narrative all throughout the book.

What’s your favorite reading genre?

Despite the fact that most of my writing combines coming of age, comedy, and action-adventure in some form or another, I actually love noir above and beyond any other literary genre. I’ve only had the chance to write in the genre a couple of times and I pussied out both times, intimidated by the idea.

How long have you been writing stories- Fanfic or otherwise?

Since I was 13, about to hit 14, which means that I’m approaching my seven-year anniversary here in January of ’07.

What Title/ Site was your first in Fanfic?

Amazing Spider-Man at Marvel 2000, and I think the above question mostly explains why it sucked so much. Mostly.

Any upcoming events in your life you’d like to share: births, marriage, graduating college, etc.?

Can’t say that there’s much going on in my life right now aside from getting ready to transfer to a University from my JC and getting ready to tackle on some more responsibility, hours, and yes, pay, at my current place of work. Oh! But my girlfriend is spending Thanksgiving with my extended family and I, and so gets to meet a lot more than just my parents and sisters. That should definitely be a fun experience.

Where about do you live? Be as specific as you like or as vague: town, state, time zone, continent, etc.

I live in a small Northern California city called Woodland, which is about twenty miles from the state’s capital of Sacramento. I’ve moved around a lot as a kid and I always preferred larger, more active cities, but I’ve really settled down here. Everything’s real low key and mellow around here, and that makes it all the more easy to just do my own thing. Plus, everything I could want or need is less than half an hour’s drive, which is what it would be like in most large cities anyway, so no problem all around.

What’s your favorite Title to read currently in Fanfic?

Though it’s about to end very soon, the first thing I’ll always read the moment it shows up in my e-mail box is Brad Horton’s “X-Corp” series at Marvel 2000. As soon as that series wraps up, I’m certain that Brad’s “Cable/Deadpool” will replace it as my absolute-no-comparing favorite. Unfortunately, Brad’s largely underexposed as a writer in the Fanfic community today, but he really is one of the best out there!

Give us a few closing words. Now’s the time to drop some Links and pimp your site, dude. Go for it!

David Golightly says that I’m his biggest hero for this, so I just thought I’d share it with all of you. Under my bed is a briefcase containing a Beretta 92FS, one hundred bullets, and a manila folder. I don’t have any enemies, no one’s really fucked up my life or done anything bad to me, so the folder’s mostly empty. No, wait, there is some returned homework from my old Criminal Investigations class detailing the various methods of torture. I don’t think the bullets are untraceable, either, but it’s a pretty cool thought, nonetheless. That said, I’d like everyone to drop by Marvel 2000 at. http://m2k.omegacen.com/ if they haven’t already and take a look around at some of the awesome, diverse work that’s been coming out of the site lately. Also, be sure to swing by the message board and tell everyone what you think of their work. They work hard for themselves and to give everyone countless hours of free entertainment, and so constructive criticism is always welcome and desired. And of course, thanks for interviewing me, Curt! ——- Cory

It was indeed my pleasure, Cory.

is a 32 year old happily married man who loves comics and the characters associated with them so much he writers Fan Fiction based on them. Currently He is the Editor in Chief of Altered Visions, Marvel Reborn, and Ultimate DC.
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