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‘With a Name Like Smuckers.’ – The Megan CURTIS Interview

Hopefully you’re either old enough to remember the commercials, or you’ve seen the SNL reruns to get the joke there. I first met Megan Curtis in one of the wild Chats that popped up one night, probably thanks to James Hickson. Imagine 15-20 people all typing at once, talking at once, the conversations flying. Megan came on and said something like ‘Curtis. Great name!’ I had read a couple of her stories by then, and of course they were fantastic, but being an old time RPG player, the novelty was that Megan was female. A woman in ‘Man’s World’ so to speak. We’ve interacted a few times since, though unfortunately never had the chance to work together. Maybe at Strange Tales. Let me tell you though, Wonder Woman ain’t got nothin’ on Megan Curtis! Read on.

To start, tell us a bit about yourself; family, job, things like that. Whatever you would like to comfortably share.

Right now I work for a company that books flights and hotels and car rentals through Bank of America card redemption programs. People call in and I find them flights. I hate it though so I’m hoping that won’t be my job for much longer as I look for a new one. Family is me and my brother and sister-in-law. We are actually roommates, which sounds bizarre but works rather well. Our apartment is huge so we don’t step on each other’s toes. I’m actually dating a terrific guy right now, also a comic fan, and that is what is going on with me!

What Sites are you currently writing for? What Titles are you working on?

Mean question! I would say that I am currently writing Witches at Strange Tales. I have some books that are work in progress’s but they are still in the thinking stage of development and I’m hoping I will one day find the time and inclination to bring them into the light of day.

Do you write for any Sites outside of Fanfic, or our group of Fanfic Sites, i.e. other types of Fanfic, Writing Clubs, etc.? How are you keeping busy, writing wise?

I’m essentially trying to finish a book I’ve been working on forever. My writing goal is to actually break into the romance novel market. Seems silly, but there are actually some quite good novels out there they just happen to have romance as the main theme. Since most of my stories seem to have that overlying feeling about them, at least in my opinion, I decided to embrace it. I love romance novels so I might as well write what I know.

Would you like to write professionally, or is this just for fun- a hobby?

I would really like to write professionally. There are some great writers in our community that could be the next “big” name in writing. I don’t want that kind of notoriety. I don’t want to write the next Da Vinci Code. I want to write my books and have people enjoy them and be excited for the next one, but I don’t need to be known by hundreds of people. I just want to write well in my little niche and be successful in that.

How did you get into writing Fanfic? Through comic books, or some other media?

Comics is what led me to Fanfic. I wrote a script for an X-Men movie but then I found a lot of Generation X Fanfiction online and I fell into that. That was my first Fanfiction on my personal Generation X Fansite. I got into serial Fanfiction after that and enjoyed it so much I decided to stay.

How did you find our Fanfic community? What led you here?

I wrote a Domino series at Marvel X, finished that and faded away. Then I received an e-mail from Tony Thornley inviting me to write something for his Website. I wrote Shield at a perfect time because the site was getting reviewed by Sophism and getting a lot of attention. Then Mr. Derrick Ferguson wrote a terrific review and really complemented me about SHIELD. I started going to the Heroes Chatroom back when there was a specific day and time. I mean here I was a girl in this world of guys, so I was something unique, a tourist attraction. I started finding certain authors that I liked to talk to and liked to read their stories. Chris Munn invited me to write Witches at Strange Tales and Mike McGee invited me to do something at Frontier. I don’t seek out titles it’s just if something sounds interesting. Chris Munn also had me write an X-Men series with him for a little bit. Really those guys, Munn and McGee brought me fully into Fanfiction and kept me in it by late night AIM chats over story ideas and constantly pitching ideas and thoughts at me to keep me thinking. Plus I was just trying to bring my writing up to par with the amazing stories they were spinning.

What other things do you do in your spare time? Any special hobbies or interests you care to share?

I scrapbook and make cards, like greeting cards. I also play video games. In my limited spare time I sleep or hang out with friends. Nothing special, just run of the mill type of stuff.

Is there any certain Title that you would like to write down the line, or any specific Site that you might want to write for? Anything that you haven’t done, that you want to do?

Wow, I think I’d like Frontier to come back, but every thing I want to write I am or I have been. Really I wish I had more time and motivation, that’s the only thing I wish for!

What’s your favorite color?

Easy one, blue.

Outside of Fanfic, what are your reading habits? Who’s your favorite author or series, or book?

I mentioned romance novels but I also love historical fiction, I’m stuck on Phillipa Gregory and fantasy for which I read Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern series.

What’s your favorite comic book story, or storyline? How about in Fanfic?

I’m a sucker for any storyline that involved Gambit and Rogue. X-Men 45 is one of my favorite comics for the simple tragedy of their relationship. The drama that just won’t end!!

What’s your favorite movie?

I had to think about this for a long time but… Pride and Prejudice.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Life in general. I just get little story ideas and I try to weave them into whatever story I’m writing or thinking about at the time.

Do you have a Blog or LJ? Any other Internet activity you would like to share? Give us the Links if so…

I have a Live Journal. http://mcurtis.livejournal.com .and of course I’m on Myspace.

Do you like to listen to music as you write? If so, what and which, or some other background noise, like the television or DVD’s? Or maybe you prefer silence when writing?

I listen to instrumental music or CD’s that I’ve listened to a few hundred times so it’s just in the background as noise.

What book are you reading now?

I’m not reading anything actually. I read the 300 today, but that’s been it.

What’s your favorite reading genre?

Fantasy. It’s amazing the worlds that people create in their minds and put into words.

How long have you been writing stories- Fanfic or otherwise?

Since I was little. I wrote this story, my own version of the Gemini Twins myth and my teacher ripped it apart. Broke my heart because she graded it on grammar, and if there’s one thing I suck at it’s grammar. But I kept writing little stories. I have notebooks full of stuff from when I was in junior high and high school and other stories.

What Title/ Site was your first in Fanfic?

Echo’s Generation X Page!! My own little fan Website. *sigh* It rocked.

Any upcoming events in your life you’d like to share: births, marriage, graduating college, etc.?

Um. moving in? But that’s not for the next few months so if you read my LJ you’ll learn more about that.

Where about do you live? Be as specific as you like or as vague: town, state, time zone, continent, etc.

I live in Boise, Idaho. Our Boise State Broncos are in the Fiesta Bowl!!! College football for those confused.

Any dream assignments in Fanfic that you would love to tackle like a massive crossover or reinventing a character? Any title you would like to see done ‘YOUR’ way?

I’ve really faded out of the Fanfic and current comic scene. I would love to do a Fables Fanfiction series. I would like to take on something like Wonder Woman or Supergirl but I don’t think I’d ever be able to what with time and knowledge. I really like to research my characters and with those two there is such a history behind them.

What’s your favorite Title to read currently in Fanfic?

Defenders at Strange Tales! Raar!!

When I first came into the Community, you were one of the BIG names out there, along w/ the likes of Mike McGee, Derrick Ferguson, Will Short, Russ Anderson, etc… A lot of us still whisper your name with much love and respect – really! You left a BIG mark in Fanfic. And seriously, any words of wisdom you care to impart to the up and coming writers of our community?

Form friends in the community. I don’t think I’m a big name, I think it’s more the fact that I’m a woman in this community. I was younger or the same age as most of the guys, hell I’m only 25 and I think I’m an elder in this community now. But it’s because of the older guys that I stuck around so long and really tried to be a better writer. Look for these mentors and be a mentor yourself. My old Fanfiction is horrible! It was rough but I got enough encouragement that I improved my writing. Show that same kind of support to someone new who stubles in. And really, don’t worry about how many titles you are writing, just write a few, but write them well!!!

So give us a closing. Any Links, best wishes and Shout-outs should now be given as well as a final ‘Yo’ to all us fans…

I think I already pimped everyone but really, check out Strange Tales for some good quality Fanfiction. It’s not your run of the mill but with the terrific writers and with our awesome leader Chris Munn at the helm, it’s going to be entertaining. I mean hell, there’s you, Mike Rasburry, Mike McGee, Meriades Rai, Josh Reynolds, Derrick Ferguson, Tom Moses, Ian Astheimer, Dino Pollard, and Michael Franzoni (If your name is Mike, you should be writing at this site.)

Keep up the GREAT work Megan!

Thanks Curt, you rock! -Megan

And thank you Megan! Fantastic interview!

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