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Reader Challenges #2

By • Aug 15th, 2009 • Category: Features

100-Word Challenge:

  • This challenge is to write a scene revolving around Green Goblin , It can be anything with Green Goblin (Any Green Goblin you choose). The only restriction is that it is to be excately 100 words no more or no less. Those who wish to participate will have their entries posted on this page in the next release.

  • Thanks to Jason McDonald for the three entries for Reader Challenge.


    Parker and I share a great history.
    I was responsible for the death of Parker’s childhood sweetheart on the tall bridge. Parker had tricked me into impaling myself with my own glider. I’d spent years healing, amassing the resources to pay the bouncing hero back for what he’d done. Worked behind the curtain, across the ocean. Came back to play mind games with the Parkers for years afterward. Nearly killed Parker’s Flashy friend.
    I look at the tattered hero, near death. I smile at the redhead in the corner, bound by steel bonds.
    This will be yet another great moment.

    - LEGACY -

    Peter Parker killed my father.

    No, Peter’s my friend. He would never…

    Spider-Man killed my father. Peter Parker is Spider-Man.

    He’s been my best friend since high school! I can’t just…

    My father must be avenged.

    No, no! I can’t do that. I just can’t. Peter..

    I am an Osborn. I can’t let this injustice stand.

    No! Take off those gloves!

    Parker must die.

    Get off the glider! I won’t do it. I won’t kill my best…

    The Spider must die.

    Not the serum. Please. Pete…

    My murderer must die.

    I’m sorry, Pete.

    But the Goblin, must have his revenge.


    I’m whirling around the city in my ‘borrowed’ Goblin glider. The wind whips at my green tunic; Goblin hat flutters relentlessly in the wind.

    And in the pit of my stomach, the laugh – that howling laugh of madness – pours from my mouth and swirls the sky around me like a tidal wave, terrifying everyone below.

    The first two Goblins were monsters – insane men who my dad wrote about as murderers and terrorists with Pumpkin bombs at their hips and cackles of madness filling their diseased minds.

    My howl thunders to a crescendo. I mustn’t follow their lead.

    Same Scene:

  • The challenge much like the above challenge is to write a scene about a character the difference being that I will set the scene very basic. In this case the scene is “Nomad taking down Hydra Agents “ this scene has no limitations. This is an a fun excerise to see how different writers take a simple scene Queue and how the take that and write the scene up. Again those who participate will have thier entries posted on this page next release.
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