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By • Aug 15th, 2009 • Category: Reviews

I’ve got two reviews for this premier installment.

The first is MOON KNIGHT #1 from the Marvel Knights Group by scribe D. Golightly which can be found here: http://www.marvelknightsgroup.org/moonknight/index.htm

What Worked…
I’m somewhat new the character Moon Knight beyond the recent Bryan Hitch work, his Marvel Universe file and a smattering of the character’s old comics. I find him to be an interesting character in that he touches on a number of genres. The mystical, military, spy and super-hero all have their place here and Dave is well aware of each.

Dave’s narrative and description skills grow with each new chapter that I read from him. There is a poetry developing here. It isn’t going to drown a reader, which would be wholly inappropriate for this title, but accents it.

Moon Knight is in Chicago now which I like. There’s enough action going on in New York. The writer has also streamlined the cast. The reasons for that, I don’t know, but it works well for me. If he’s planning to slowly intro the cast as things go along, cool on Dave. There’s only so much one can squeeze in with about four thousand words. The writer manages to establish Marc Spector and 2 other aliases, his relationship with ‘his god’ (which was the finest scene in the chapter) and throw down the mystery and action. Nothing boring, I didn’t feel the need to skim. Solid flow.

What Needed Work…
Not much at all. Softening the cussing might be a plus but by no means required. Some of the narrative and phrase choices were a bit odd to my editorial eye. There is profanity present. Not an abundance but enough to make me wonder if it needed to be there. I don’t think it benefited the story.

Was it worth the read?
I’ll be back for next month’s chapter. Dave is solid storyteller and its been some time since his work disappointed. He just keeps topping himself. Definitely one to follow.

I would like to see Moon Knight kick the crap out of Hawkeye just to shut the archer’s yap. We’ll have to wait and see what the author has in mind.

8 Quills out of 10


Second is THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN by scribe Zak Chambers which is also from The Marvel Knights Group and can be found here: http://www.marvelknightsgroup.org/spiderman/index.htm


What Worked…
I liked the chapter’s title. Zak does a good job of establishing the sometimes miserable life the wall-crawler lives as well as his powers. Most of his readers know all this anyway but it is a good way to start out a series and Zak does a good job of encapsulating the points briefly. Spidey’s sense of humor is locked down which is mandatory.
The narrative as strong but the scene description might be a little light.
Zak wastes no time jumping right into a storyline that has the reader wondering what the heck is going on. I found myself asking that a number of times as things heated up to enticing ending. This is definitely a new mystery for the wall-crawler to solve from what I’ve read of the character. Thank the totem for something NEW.

What Didn’t…
Not a lot. There were some issues with tense. Couple spelling issues. Character, plot and dialogue were all sound. The ending confrontation was too brief for my tastes. It could have filled out a little more.

Was it worth the read?
Certainly. This is the beginning of a new title and there were plenty of questions tossed out for the reader to want answers to. The previewed next issue has just as much promise. I’ll be back, I recommend giving this one a read.

8 Quills out of 10

That’s it for this time round. Got a beef with what I wrote? Thought it was brilliant and want to send money? Head over the Message Board and vent that stuff. It’s unhealthy to hold it in.

Happy All Hallows’ Eve,

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