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Tomes of the Super #2

By • Aug 15th, 2009 • Category: Reviews

I’ve got two more reviews for this installment. We’ll be visiting on both sides of OMEGA, the MARVEL and the DC.

First up is The Riddler in Rules of the Game by scribe Alan Strauss from DC Omega’s SHOWCASE collection which can be found here: http://dc.omegacen.com/showcase5.html

This was a rare gem to my mind. A bit of fiction starring one of my favorite Batman villains: The Riddler. It’s going to be difficult to run through without giving anything away but I’ll do what I can.

We find the Riddler in the middle of a caper, holding a young girl hostage, and waiting to see if his foe will save the day or not. The interaction between Riddler and the girl is amusing without trying to be cute or funny. Mr. Strauss write kids well as is evident in his handling of Franklin Richards in the Fantastic Four at Marvel 2000.

At just over 2300 words, this is going to be a short review.

What Worked…

Mr. Strauss knows his baddie here. Characterization and inner narrative was spot on. I enjoyed the peak inside the enigma-crazed villain. The piece shows what separates Nigma from the other Gotham freaks. Riddler isn’t a maniac though he does suffers from a psychosis. There are rules that must be obeyed and life means nothing if they aren’t followed. Riddler is frustrated that so few appreciate such a point of view. I agree with Mr. Strauss’s take on the character.

Normally I don’t go for first person narratives but I don’t know that the piece would have worked nearly as well otherwise.

What Didn’t

The first thing that leaps to mind is that the work was rather short. I would have really liked to have read more of Mr. Strauss’s handling of this character. I can only hope he will pen a follow up of some kind.

I would like to have known more about what the Riddler had set up for the Bat. Part of the fun of a Riddler tale is trying to work out his riddles.

I’m not entirely sure that I buy the accident that happens. I thought it could be expected and overcome. That presents a whole new set of problems though.

Was it worth the read?

I found it quite enjoyable but then I’m a fan of Riddler.

9 Quills out of 10


Second is Silver Surfer#1 “Feast Of The Gods” (Galactic Part 1) by scribe Hunter Lambright from MARVEL OMEGA which can be found here: http://marvel.omegacen.com/silversurfer.html

First let me say that I am not a Silver Surfer fan for the most part. If he’s guest starring in a comic then that’s fine but he doesn’t interest me enough to collect the series.

What Worked…

As far as the craft-work goes, grammar, tense, all that fun stuff, nothing to complain about. I will give Hunter props for the density of his narrative. By that I mean he doesn’t hide behind an abundance of dialogue. The dialogue is placed between nice, meaty, not too big, paragraphs of inner narrative and description. I like that.

He takes his time and drafts the scene.

Good on characterization (from what I know reading my brother’s Surfer comics)

What Didn’t
What didn’t quite wow me was the story. While all the standard story parts are present, the climb from point A to B to C is an almost slow ascent. There is movement but I found myself wanting at greater speed.

It took a while to get things rolling. I’m kind of an action junkie and I want a solid roundhouse to the jaw RIGHT off the bat.

I think this particular tale would be improved by some restructuring so get some excitement spiked before the big finale.

Was it worth the read?
It was a good start to the series, no two ways about that. Hunter knows his way around a tale. It just didn’t grab me like I think a cosmic adventure should. The ways the plots are progressing I think Hunter will find his footing, as this is a new title. I expect great, violent things to take place in the next installment.

7.5 Quills out of 10

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