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By • Aug 15th, 2009 • Category: Reviews

What: Power Pack #1 @ M2K
Who: Violet Mackenzie
Where: http://m2k.omegacen.com/powerpack/index.html

The Positive End:

To start with, I am by no means a Power Pack “fan.” I know enough about the Power kids to scrape by, I’ve read my dad’s issues of them in the Mutant Massacre, and I have Julie’s story as documented in Runaways and now Loners from Marvel. Other than that, I have no clue. So for me, this was definitely a new look at the kids. From the get-go, we’re introduced to each of the Power kids and given a damn-good indicator of their personalities, what to expect from the rest of the series. The Jack-Katie dynamic was perfect, and resembles several scenes between my sister and I during our formative years. I definitely related to it. Jack is, by far, my favorite Power kid. He always has been, and that didn’t change with this issue. In that, I commend you. Too often do writers mold every character to one-size-fits-all, losing all that voice in the process. That wasn’t the case here, which made the issue all that much more enjoyable to read. Also, the story was peppered with bits and pieces of hints at the storyline as a whole, but rather than being all setup and no character, the dosage of each was perfect for a #1 issue. Kudos on that mark as well. Even the Bogeyman, who at first struck me as an absurd idea, was, upon a second read, extremely creepy in that childish sense—but when played up to the fear of the unknown…It gave me the chills, for a moment.

The Negative End:

I was hard-pressed to find something wrong with this issue. Seriously. I mean, even the footnotes, which I often find distracting and unnecessary, were done right, linked to the end rather than breaking up the story. Perhaps someone else might see fault with this issue, and by no means was it perfect, exactly, but it was pretty damn close. I honestly can’t remember anything that made me stop or pulled me out of the story to think about the composition. It was an enjoyable read from start to finish.


Just go read this. Several have claimed to have read it, but said nothing more. There should be much more said about this series! Give it the praise it deserves! Violet Mackenzie, your arrival in the fan-fiction world was long-awaited and deserves a large round of applause.

What: Doc Samson #1-2 @ M2K
Who: Anthony Crute
Where: http://m2k.omegacen.com/samson/index.html

The Positive End: There are so many things that I really like about this series. The first is that I really do like the concept. It blew me away, the first issue did, with a lot of the conclusions about these characters that I’d never come to before. Of course, as I’m reviewing this, I’m also coming to the conclusion that, despite being accessible from the gatefold, Doc Samson #2 hasn’t been released yet, has it? Heh. Anyway, the way Samson handled Slither was definitely not the way I expected. The Vulture was also an interesting way to go. By far, the Purple Man’s talk was the creepiest. Then there was the Amadeus Cho section. That kid…can’t tell if I love him or hate him. Gary Stu much in the Hulk series? Yeah. But here…again, it was interesting. In fact, I’d just had a conversation about a sixth grader who’s taking ninth grade classes in my high school. He may be smart, but he has no people skills. By far, high school will be Cho’s greatest challenge yet. I feel like I’m using “interesting” too much, so, well, instead, it was “intriguing.” There’s a little more depth being gone into here than most stories, which is as it should be with a psych story, but it’s definitely a new twist that I like a lot. And the twist at the end of #2? I wanna know why and who and what all happened–NOW, dangit!

The Negative End: There was some telling at the beginning of #1, but as soon as it was out of the way, the story picked up a ton. There were also a few random grammar errors that caught my eye, nothing major, but I copy-edit for the school paper, so it slowed me for a second is all. I also felt, somewhat, that the Killgrave talk was somewhat of a letdown. I expected big things out of the evaluation after the cliffhanger, but wasn’t extremely impressed besides how proud he was of his killings. Oh, and I’d like to echo the sentiment about Rhodey’s overconcern for Samson. This is a guy who calls himself Samson, yet Rhodey is worried when the first guy brought in is the Vulture…sans Vulture apparatus. Again, it just threw me off for a second.

Overall: So far it’s a fun series to read. The action has just picked up, of course, and I can’t wait to get into the real meat of the story. Who’s after Samson–and why? I really just can’t wait to find out.

Congrats, Crute, on a story well-done.

What: Hercules Unleashed #1 @ Marvel Reborn
Who: C.W. Russette
Where: http://marvelreborn.alteredvisions.org/titles/wwh/hercules/issues/issue1.html

The Positive End:

Hercules drinking away his sorrows over the loss of his friends and teammates was an astonishingly accurate and “real” thing for him to do. It fit the character really well, and I was happy to see it. It proved, right off the bat, that you knew the character you were dealing with, and so any worries I had were forgotten off the bat. I don’t know too much about the Olympian gods in Marvel mythology, but they seemed to hold the personalities I expected from ancient Greek mythology–or was it Roman, since we’re talking Hercules and not Heracles? I love-love-loved the fact that you used Starfox. My dad’s old Avengers issues start with his early membership and extend through his abduction by Nebula. He’s easily one of my most favorite non-A-list Avengers, and it excites me to no end seeing him. It was nice to see him and the Black Knight together like yesteryear, as opposed to the way both of them have, in my opinion, been bastardized recently. Having Jim Hammond show up (in memoriam for Namor, right?) was also a nice touch, as was the way he was taken out of the fight.

The Negative End:

There were a couple of words that seemed out of place. They weren’t “bad” words, but they pulled me out of the narrative for a second. “Stuff” in the opening scene was one, as well as when Logan “cost the owners insurance premiums to go up.” In fact, you may have meant “caused” there, but I’m not sure if that’s what you were going for. During the bar scene, it seemed like you changed point-of-view jumping from third to first for Blake. Still, those are method errors, not story ones. One thing that threw me off in the story was the Daredevil scene. It left me more confused than intrigued.


I really liked this, and I’ll be back for more. You’ve got your action straight off the bat, the ragtag bunch of heroes that I adore, and that lovely taste of mythology. Oh, and who could forget that cliffhanger? Don’t believe me? Go read it yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

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