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Nate Charles Interview

Doug Bookey
• Sep 24th, 2009 • Category: Interviews, Lead Story
Lead Story

HEROES: Who Is Nate Charles?

NATE CHARLES: I’m just a twenty something guy with some stories to tell.  Nothing more, nothing less.

H: What’s Your Background?

NC: Like many others, I’m a longtime comics fan.  I was introduced to them at around five years old and my dad used to read them to me when I was a kid, which helped me learn to read a little bit faster than some of my classmates.  Not only did it nurture my fascination with comic book
characters, but reading and, eventually, writing in general.

H: Where Do You Live?

NC: I currently reside in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, which is the state’s
only official town.  It’s definitely a far cry from the urban areas I
tend to write about, but a little imagination goes a long way and in a
small, rural are like this sometimes imagination is the only way to
make your own way.

H: How Long Have You Been Writing Fan Fiction?

NC: I’ve been involved with writing fan fiction for almost ten years now.
I started at a small site run by a guy named Brandon and I can’t even
remember the name of the group itself writing both a Daredevil and a
Punisher series.  I then transitioned over to Ben Valley’s Age of
Onslaught group to pen a series called TEAM ALPHA before being picked
up by Marvel Revolution.  That early stuff was rough… really rough
and much of it doesn’t even exist anymore, like my DAREDEVIL series at
Marvel Dark Lore.  I penned an issue of SPIDER-MAN for Marvel 2000 at
some point and started to make some progression as a writer with my
own group, DC DARK SIDE.

H: Would You Like To Share Your Opinion On the Current  State Of Fan Fiction?

NC: The stuff I’m reading right now is a little limited to the sites I’m
currently writing for, being DC and Marvel Anthology and Marvel Omega,
though I have been working my way through Dan Ingram’s BATGIRL at
fanfiction.net.  Some of it is better than others, but as I progress
through series I do see improvement, which is always an important
piece of the puzzle.  I feel very positive about the state of fan
fiction when I see that kind of work being put into it.  It lets me
know that I’m not the only one striving to get better.

H: DC DARKSIDE was an especially ambitious fan fiction  site.  For those who aren’t familiar with it, tell us about  it.

NC: DC Dark Side was a niche fan fiction group that was originally
developed by Tony Thornley and myself.  I had written for Marvel Dark
Lore in the past and the idea of a DC group along the same lines
seemed like it had a wealth of story potential.  I ran it past Tony,
who had some experience starting a group before and we got some buzz
going amongst other writers and took off running.  Jason Kenney was
also instrumental in providing us with an awesome site design.

H: WAR OF THE KINGDOMS was an especially well-written mini-series.  How did that come about?

NC: WAR OF THE KINGDOMS was an idea that I don’t want to take full credit for.  Tony and I provided basically a synopsis of what I wanted to the writers to set the scene for our stories.  Josh Reynolds and Tug Baker were already set to write JSA, THE SPECTRE, and DOCTOR OCCULT and I forget exactly what the specifics were, but they ended up with KINGDOMS writing chores.  We couldn’t have made a better decision because Josh and Tug provided us with everything we asked them for and more.  It was more than just a knockdown, drag-out battle with Neron, it was an epic of magic and mayhem.  I still can’t thank either of them enough for all the fine work they did.

H: For most of your fan fiction career you’ve been trying your best to write BATMAN.  You wrote Batman at DC DARKSIDE and now you’re doing it at DC ANTHOLOGY.  What is it about Batman that’s so fascinating for you?

NC: I think the thing that appeals to me most about Batman is his
versatility as a character, as well as his trait of determination.
He’s just fun to write, which may sound strange considering that
Batman is, by all means, a permanently depressed man in his middle
thirties forever reliving the tragedy he suffered as a child.  As a
writer, though, you move past that and try to get inside his head.
There’s no way he can stop those two bullets that made him into
Batman, but he can stop two more bullets from making someone else into something worse.  His rogues’ gallery and supporting cast very rarely
have a weak link in them as well.

BATMAN at DC Dark Side and BATMAN at DC Anthology are two very
different series, however.  Dark Side had he character in a world
poisoned with black magic and that series was headed down a road that
would have had the character wrestling with the zombie corpse of Jason
Todd in Arkham Asylum and facing off with the ghost of Admades Arkham. A very supernatural tale.  DC Anthology is me working with a more classic interpretation and trying to tell the ultimate Batman story
using a ton of characters that will put the character through the
wringer and back again.  Once I finish this series, I don’t think I
could ever tell another Batman story.

H: Do you feel intimidated by writing Batman?

NC: Right now, I should.  Do I?  No, because if I get intimidated trying
to write Batman now, I never will because I’m trying to do it on a
scale that the character deserves.  I should be intimidated by that,
but I cannot allow myself to be.

H: What are your current plans regarding fan fiction?

NC: Well, aside from BATMAN at DC ANTHOLOGY and a possible spin off of that series, I’m working on DAREDEVIL for Marvel Anthology and IRON MAN for Marvel Omega, both with the same premise of telling the biggest, most worthwhile story I can with each character.  Eventually, I’d like a
shot at the Justice League somewhere as I have a story in mind of the
same caliber.  I just need to make sure the writing stays up to snuff.

H: You’re also heavily involved in filmmaking.  Is that a career goal for you?

NC: Filmmaking is a fun process that I enjoy a lot and I would love to be
able to direct some day, but I would love to make my mark as a
screenwriter.  I have several real life projects I’m attempting to
gear up at the moment, both related and unrelated to filmmaking, so
it’s all a process of “wait and see and act.”

H: What Else Should We Know About Nate Charles?

NC: That he always likes to get feedback and is more than wiling to give
it when someone asks.  I’m a good reader, listener, and watcher and
people can feel free to put those skills to the test.  And I enjoy a
good stromboli….

is a 32 year old happily married man who loves comics and the characters associated with them so much he writers Fan Fiction based on them. Currently He is the Editor in Chief of Altered Visions, Marvel Reborn, and Ultimate DC.
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  1. I’ve come across some of Nate’s fan fiction and it is very impressive. A very talented man.
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