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Mick Edwards Interview

Doug Bookey
• Aug 8th, 2009 • Category: Interviews

HEROES: Who Is Mick Edwards?

MICK EDWARDS: For most of my life I was complicated and conflicted man, but now I’m becoming more self-assured and confident. As a person I am caring, shy, and sometimes dwell on things a tad too much. Right now I work on trying to let things go and move forward. As a son I strive to be a better person than I was a decade ago and be some one my parents can be proud of and a brother that my younger brother can look up to when he is down.

H: What’s Your Background?

ME: I’m a 27 year old male who has been through quite the wringer because of the mistakes I have made in the past. I have a felony record for assault and I have a juvenile record for similar charges. It’s taken me years to get over those problems of controlling my bad temper. My parents have worried I never would.

H: Where Do You Live?

Ohio – the Buckeye state. I live around the Akron area.

H: Where Did You Start Writing And How Long Have You Been Writing?

ME: I started writing for a site called Alternate Marvel www.altmarvel.net It wasn’t the greatest experience, but I was a different person than I am now. I realized what set people off in the group about me and what caused such problems. I even realized why Kenneth Beck was so mad at me and I’ve felt ashamed for what I said for the past two years. I managed to make up with him though, but we don’t talk to each other. As for how long I have been writing it’s been about 5 years total.

H: What Are Your Influences?

ME: I consider myself to be influenced a lot by Frank Miller and John Byrne and Brian Michael Bendis. My brother has mentioned that I at times have some Claremontism in me which it took me a while to notice. Of each writer’s body of work I would say influences me the most is Miller’s Born Again, Year One, DKR, Bendis’ Ultimate Spider-Man, New Avengers, and indie works, John Byrne’s X-Men run with Claremont and his Superman run.

H: What Is Your Philosophy of Writing?

ME: My philosophy is simple, but I don’t think many would agree to it. I believe that every writer must first solidly grasp the basics of writing before they move onto the projects they require more complicated story telling. If a writer can’t spell very well or use syntax that good than their stories will be unreadable. If they can’t learn how to do thorough research and I don’t mean you have to spend countless hours researching EVERY single detail. You just have to get what is important to story and learn how to implement it into the story you are telling. It is the same with capturing the essence – the very mind-set of the character. You have to make sure that he/she/it is similar to the one that has been consistently been portrayed through out the years before you add anymore depth to them. These can be difficult without the research put into it. I usually read three – six different books of an individual character or team before I attempt to work on a project and I spend a lot of thought into what I am going to do with the characters involved while I am typing out the story.

H: You’re The Most Controversial Individual in Fan Fiction Today. Why Is That?

ME: I’ve had arguments with just about every writer in the community and it dates back to my Alternate Marvel days. I had attempted one last time to get back into the group because I still didn’t know what I had done so wrong to Kenn for him to be mad the first time. They said no and I flipped out on Percival and since then we both have practically turned the entire community into a war zone leaving sites and friends destroyed in our path. I feel very responsible for the damage because I know that if I had handled the rejection better and not thrown the blame three years ago on Percival neither one of us would have been fighting each other nor would I have done so much damage to many of my friends and their sites.

H: What Are your Strengths As A Writer?

ME: I get told plenty of times that I am great at character interaction, dialogue, action, and drama, But sometimes I do think I push my luck with my lame puns.

H: What Are Your Weaknesses As A Writer?

ME: For the life of me it’s difficult to do a mystery story, but I’ve been working hard on getting into the hang of it. Like writing other stories I have written it just takes a lot of patience and practice.

H: Do you think that you have been given a fair deal by the HEROES community? And if not, why?

ME: A more or less of a yes and no. I’ve been haunted by my behavior in the beginning when the whole affair between Percival and
I began and after I struck the first blow it flew out of our hands. Through circumstances both Percival and I just couldn’t leave each
other alone to let the bickering stop. There was too much bad blood between us not to mention people butting in to get us further pissed
at each other until we both crossed the line in the context of insults.

H: For once and for all let’s ask the question and then put it to rest for good: What is your problem with Percival (Dino) Pollard?

ME: Originally nothing. I was just venting my frustrations and picked him to vent my anger at. After that I grew to dislike things
about him because I was so mad. At this point in time I still find him to be off putting with his cocky attitude, but then I have one
myself which I try to keep under control.

H: If you could work with any one writer and any one fan fiction group in the HEROES community, what would that site and writer be?

ME: Well let’s see I’ve already worked with Tony Thornely which was a great experience. I never got to do an official team-up with Barry Reese
or David Wheatley. Percival and I would kill each other over a project if it was something we both cared a lot about. If I had to pick one without any editorial interference or extreme protesting hampering my way I think it would be Barry and it would be at Marvel 2000. The reason is I’d want to put solid dent in the X-Men which I think the X-Branch needs. The X-Men have strayed too far from their concept at M2K and they have become nothing more than an Authority knockoff. It’s my own personal belief though. Something that most of M2Kers disagree with, but when the X-Men fly around shooting missiles and firing sub-machine guns at their enemies — that to me isn’t the X-Men. It’s like how the Burton/Keaton Batman was too dark to capture Batman what with the machine guns on the Batmobile and lethal weapons on the Batwing.

H: Do you think that given your temperament and personal issues you are more suited to work by yourself?

ME: I can work with others. I just don’t always agree with the editorial edict handed down or my fellow writers views on the characters. That is why when I don’t agree with something I walk away because I either feel that I can’t best communicate my unhappiness with what has been thrust upon me or that if I do it will result in an argument.

H: Will you be resurrecting any of your old fan fiction sites or starting new ones?

ME: I had considered resurrecting Marvel Shattered Image, but lately I have been so busy with my novel and my research on Batman that I just don’t know if I will get to it or not.

H: What makes you want to be a Writer?

ME: I would like to contribute back to the art form that has given so much to me and provide a better future for my family. I can’t work 9-5 jobs because they don’t pay all that well and I don’t drive – yet.

H: Do You Have Any Other Writing Ambitions?

ME: I’m starting out with novels first. I plan on trying to move into comics once I build enough momentum and maybe try my hand back at song writing and writing my own movies.

H: Hobbies? Other Interests?

ME: Writing, Walking, Reading, and the occasional video game. I don’t watch much television.

H: What’s A Typical Day In The Life Of Mick Edwards like?

ME: I wake up bright and early – kick my brother off the computer and get straight to work on my projects. Once my brain is freshly squeezed of all that sleepiness I’m ready to get something done.

H: Here’s Your Chance To Give Somebody A Shout out. Go.

ME: To Curt Fernlund for putting up with all my shit and having my back when I was in trouble. The same goes for Tony Thornely, Gary Jones, and the others who were willing to speak on my behalf.

H: What Else Should We Know About Mick Edwards?

ME: That I’m a good guy and I can be a good friend.

is a 32 year old happily married man who loves comics and the characters associated with them so much he writers Fan Fiction based on them. Currently He is the Editor in Chief of Altered Visions, Marvel Reborn, and Ultimate DC.
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  1. I was one of the original founders of Alternate Marvel, and I feel pretty confident in saying that the problem with Kenn was himself. I can recall plenty of arguments between me and him, and I remember that 90% of them seemed to come out of nowhere. One of the biggest was when me and the other Avengers writer (Dan the Man) were talking about having a young Kevin Masterson becoming Thunderstrike. We brought up the subject with the writer of the Thor solo book, and Kenn just went off. He wasn’t involved in any of the books affected (Thor, Avengers, & West Coast Avengers), but he quickly hijacked the discussion, deriding our ideas and it blossomed into a heated debate. It became so bad that when ever I logged on, even if I had not been to the forums yet that day, it seemed I had done something to piss him off. He was the reason I left the group, and the experience so soured my view of fanfiction, I have never joined another fanfic group. Take it from someone who has been where you were, just forget it, you will be happier if you do.

  2. How long has it been since you were apart of group fan fiction now?

  3. I think it has been four or five years now. When I joined the group it was a fun place to be, we talked about and shared our ideas. We would talk about anything and everything, it was like hanging out with your buddies at lunch. As the group grew, it was different but the overall atmosphere was still fun. By the time Kenn joined, we had gone through different members, only four of the seven founders were still with the group, and only two of us were really active.

    Kenn joining marked what I saw as a shift in the way the group was run. It was less about telling stories and having fun and more about getting a new issue out every month, and publishing so many series a month. Then we had to get a website, forums, and mailing lists. All that, and I had to deal with a person who just didn’t like me. Most of the stuff didn’t bother me, however, Kenn and his constant attacks were really a moral killer. I logged on every day wondering what I would have to deal with from kenn. It got to the point where I would not even participate in discussions for fear that I would set Kenn off.

    It really is a shame. I look back on the pre-Kenn days with fondness. I met some great people and was able to share my ideas with others. I would recommend the experience to everyone, if it could be as fun, as entertaining as AltMarvel originally was.

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